Saturday, March 18, 2017

Owl in the Box!

When Connie and I moved into our new home 17 years ago, one of the first things that I did was hang a Screech Owl box in the pine trees between our house and the next door neighbor. I opened the box one day to see if it needed to be cleaned out and to my surprise - a little owl was "hiding" in the corner of the box! We never saw the owl in the hole of the box. Many years passed and the box disintegrated. We also got new neighbors who are interested in the box.

I replaced the box last year but again we haven't seen an owl. Last month, I climbed the tree and opened the box. Once again, a little owl hid in the corner. I was soooo excited. Our neighbor, Jordan told me that he saw the owl in the hole a few times last week but he has a better view from his yard. Today was the day. The owl showed himself! Even with Peanut chasing sticks. I snuck over to the car and grabbed my camera. The owl didn't care. Here he is:

Eastern Screeh Owl
I moved to a different view. Here he is again:

Eastern Screech Owl
All in all, a good week for the yard.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Snowy Foxy Day

We were all pretty shocked to wake up to snow today after having such mild weather. But there it was, snowing so I made sure to put plenty of birdseed out for the birds. Since I work from home alot, I put new feeders on the patio so that I can watch the birds from the office. The original feeders are still stocked out near the garage too. The birds were going crazy.

Imagine my surprise when a big red thing ran under the bush by the patio and then jumping around. I was on the phone with a customer and yelled "Oh my god, it's a fox". I grabbed my cell phone and started trying to get a video. You can see the fox behind the tree jumping straight up in the air.

Apparently he or she caught a mouse and was flipping it around. He played around a little and then left. I finished up on the phone and went into the kitchen to grab some lunch. I was pretty shocked to see the fox standing in our driveway.

Fox in the hen house? 
Look how beautiful he/she is. Apparently, he/she wanted dessert after his lunch and ate all of the peanuts and left the sunflower seeds.

Really fun stuff. Made the snow seem less cold.