Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm so sick of everyone

I had to be in work early on Friday, so I took Cocoa down to Lemon Hill earlier than normal. We went over to the Boathouses and along the Schuylkill River Trail behind the Waterworks and the Art Museum for a change of scenery. We saw some geese and lots of joggers.

My workday was very stressful and full of back to back meetings so I never got to my email until late morning. There was an email from Barbara saying that she missed me at the dog park this morning so she decided to take Sam over to the Waterworks to look for ducks but all she saw was a BALD EAGLE. A Bald F-ing Eagle flying down the Schuylkill River past the Art Museum. Bald Eagle. In Philly. Not just down by the Navy Yard where nobody sees them or cares, but smack in the middle of the busy Schuylkill Expressway where it turns into Vine Street Expressway, where everyone jogs Philly. I replied to her email stating that she sucks.

Today, we invited Lori and Tara over for dinner. Lori says "did you get my email?". I didn't get her email today because Connie had me working my butt off all day cleaning the camper (in 20 degree weather) and fixing the washing machine. Well, Lori had 4 Pine Siskin at her niger feeder today. Pine Siskin. Connie doesn't know what they look like because we've never seen one. Lori sucks too. She had photos and everything.

So, to recap: I spent Friday morning stressing out at work while Barbara watched a Bald Eagle and I spent Sunday morning cleaning mouse poop out of a trailer in 20 degree weather while Lori watched Pine Siskin from the comfort of her den. Hmmmm. I really hate everyone right now.

Jealous, jealous, jealous.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Backyard Birding

Linda asked me to post our backyard bird count from this weekend. Nothing unusual, but a high volume. Last year I signed up with Project Feeder Watch with Cornell Labs, and basically we count birds at the feeders for 2 consecutive days every week. So every weekend, myself and Alfie, (our orange tabby) count birds. Tara gets involved if I need confirmation on a bird, or if I want to show her how cute a song sparrow is. The count is based on how many of a type of bird I can see at one time.

juncos 20
white throated sparrow 7
house sparrow 5
cardinal 10
blue jay 4
mourning dove 8
downy woodpecker 2
starling 10
mockingbird 1
hawk, maybe cooper 1
goldfinch 8
cowbird 1
chickadee 1
hairy woodpecker 1
white breasted nuthatch 1
titmouse 2
house finch 3
carolina wren 1
red belly woodpecker 1
song sparrow 1
robin 1
21 different birds. Usually we see the Flicker, but he was a no show this weekend. And I don't count the blue heron who always flies over the house. Haven't seen any red breasted nuthatches or chipping sparrows this year, has anyone else? Used to see both a lot last year.