Monday, January 12, 2009

Backyard Birding

Linda asked me to post our backyard bird count from this weekend. Nothing unusual, but a high volume. Last year I signed up with Project Feeder Watch with Cornell Labs, and basically we count birds at the feeders for 2 consecutive days every week. So every weekend, myself and Alfie, (our orange tabby) count birds. Tara gets involved if I need confirmation on a bird, or if I want to show her how cute a song sparrow is. The count is based on how many of a type of bird I can see at one time.

juncos 20
white throated sparrow 7
house sparrow 5
cardinal 10
blue jay 4
mourning dove 8
downy woodpecker 2
starling 10
mockingbird 1
hawk, maybe cooper 1
goldfinch 8
cowbird 1
chickadee 1
hairy woodpecker 1
white breasted nuthatch 1
titmouse 2
house finch 3
carolina wren 1
red belly woodpecker 1
song sparrow 1
robin 1
21 different birds. Usually we see the Flicker, but he was a no show this weekend. And I don't count the blue heron who always flies over the house. Haven't seen any red breasted nuthatches or chipping sparrows this year, has anyone else? Used to see both a lot last year.

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