Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mom - Your Famous!

I write these posts and assume that they go off into cyberspace somewhere never to be read. Then, I mention someone by name and they get all "oh, I made the blog" and "hey, I saw you mentioned me in the blog". So it was with Barbara last week when I hated her for seeing the Bald Eagle. So it was with Lori when I hated her online too. So it will be with my mother when she gets a shout out today for spending 86 cents to send me - not one, but two separate letters with bird related things inside.

So, here's to Carolyn way down in the Villages Florida for sending me a great photo (shot with her point-and-shoot) of a Cooper's Hawk sitting on the light post in back of her house. She sent the photo along with a note that read - "What the hell kind of hawk is this?" followed by a few other cryptic lines of text about Dick and Loretta's son wanting to marry my grandmother (that's for another blog).

The other envelope contained a newspaper clipping about Snowy Owls erupting south this winter. My own mother is rubbing it in that I have still not seen a Snowy Owl even though the article states that the owls have been seen as far south as Tennessee. Thanks Mom.

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