Monday, April 19, 2010

Dare I Say

We arrived home Sunday night - late.  Eight days in Belize.  178 species of birds.  52 life birds. That's 52 types of birds that I have never seen before plus the other 126 that I already knew but saw more of.  It was almost too much. There, I said it.  Almost too much.  It was really terrific.

I am only posting a few photos of birds that might interest you. Other pretty and interesting birds escaped my camera but not the list. 

How would you like to see this guy at your breakfast table?  Well, we saw him every morning eating the leftover Papaya that Victor put out on the fence. Collared Aracari:

Oh, and his breakfast companion too.

Then there was this bird that made us feel like we might be his breakfast.  Plumbeous Kite:

I managed to get a decent photo of Violicious Trogon that hung around the resort.  One of my favorite birds:

Some other birds that I did manage to get photos of are not the kind that people say "ooh" or "wow" about.  Dull or ordinary birds, but I photograph them when I can so that I can study the photos later for better identification and to learn more about them.

More later.  Lots of funny stories from the trip that I will try to post in coming days. 

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Di said...

Great photos, Lin. Can't wait to see the others.