Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Lori and I took a quick trip to Bulls Island State Park near Stockton NJ today.  I know that place because we used to go kayaking there a few years ago.  It is a nice park because sits along the Delaware canal and has a boat ramp to the river. Its a nice paddle downstream on the river, then cross over and paddle back up the canal.

Today, we didn't have kayaks or canoes.  We walked along the path between the river and canal.  We immediately heard chickadees scolding something high in a tree.  It was an owl for sure.  Lori spotted it hiding in some vines.  That owl looked right at us but continued to sit there "hiding".  A little further down the path, we heard a warbler high in the trees - a Yellow-throated Warbler which we got to see flitting around. Then, a Worm-eating Warbler sang too.  We didn't get a look at the Worm-eating, but it was definitely close.  An Acadian Flycatcher got up close and personal along the path.

The best part of the morning was that Lucy got to go swimming.  She chased a few sticks at the boat ramp and both dogs had a great time along the trail.  Oh, and the owl.  that was good too.

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