Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big News - Philly Bird Nerds at the Shore

Hello all. We have big news - the bird nerds are buying a place at the shore. For those of you who are not familiar with "the shore", it is the Philly/South Jersey way of saying "the beach". We say that we are going to "the shore" when we mean that we are going to a place near the coast in New Jersey. Our "shore" town is called The Villas which is situated along the Delaware Bay shore just north of Cape May and in the heart of birdwatching mecca. Once we are at "the shore", we go to "the beach". Example: our shore house in the Villas is 4 houses from the beach so once we are at the house, we would say "I'm going to the beach" which means that we are walking half a block to the actual beach. Understand? I know its confusing to outsiders but it makes perfect sense to people like us who grew up here. BTW, that's why the TV show is called Jersey Shore and not Jersey Beach.

We are actually purchasing 2 properties in the Villas. NO, we are not rich - the Villas is the cheapest property that you can find at the shore because it is on the bay side, not the ocean side of New Jersey. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a place at the shore and these properties are back-to-back with big yards. Please note that the houses are 2 bedroom, 1 bath shacks. We affectionately call them Green House (on Maryland Ave) and Blue House (on Ohio Ave) for obvious reasons. They both need work which tickles me and Barbara pink - you know we LOVE a project!

Here is a link to Di's Shutterfly site: http://greenhousebluehouse.shutterfly.com

The Villas is situated perfectly for birding in and around Cape May county. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we bird here often. Here is a link to Google maps to show you the location of the Blue house. The green house is directly behind this on Maryland Ave.

Blue House

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