Saturday, December 8, 2012

Osprey Nests

This week, I stole a few hours away from work to help erect Osprey nesting platforms in the marshes in Cape May Harbor.  There were 7 volunteers, 2 boats, 3 new nesting platforms, and 1 coordinator.  Check out the photos.  Here I am doing all of the work (NOT!) Thankfully, it wasn't that cold out for December. And thankfully, Connie and I bought these stylish clam boots many years ago in Maine.  They kept my feet nice and dry all day.

Here is the whole hard-working group.  I hardly did anything. The others dug the holes and hammered the support stakes into the ground. I mainly carried the gear back and forth to the boat while everyone else did the real work!

Here is a shot of one of the platforms.  Hopefully, a pair of Ospreys will use it next summer to raise some babies.  The platforms are all pretty visible from Ocean Drive around the Harbor View marina so I will be watching for any signs of a nest.

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