Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Know How That Stumped Me

Northern Mockingbird - one of the most common birds in our area is the bird that stumped me.  How did it happen?  First, I forgot that I took those photos. Second, I was fixated on looking for a photo of the Phoebe to share on the blog as my "FOY" Phoebe. So when I looked at the Mockingbird photo, I just figured that it was something different and my brain just froze up.  Third, the bill on this Mockingbird is much shorter than normal.  All of which combined to really stump me. Thanks to all who emailed and commented with the ID and held back on the snarky remarks :-)

Other birds seen this weekend on the beach in the Villas while dipping (that means not seeing) on the Little Gull include Dunlin, banded Sanderling, and Fish Crows. 

Dunlin and Sanderling - 1NH in the group
Sanderling - UEM

Fish Crows causing a ruckus on the beach
While on the beach failing to see the Little Gull, I received an email about a Ruff (which is a rare shorebird) being seen at Bombay Hook in Delaware.  Despite the distance, I decided to go after it. I arrived at the refuge at 4:15 just as the sun was going into the worst possible position to view the birds in the impoundment. I did get to see a bird that I am going to count as the Ruff for these reasons - "identified by size - tall as Lesser Yellowlegs (LEYE), hump back, shorter bill than LEYE, legs brighter in color, feeding style more deliberate than LEYEs nearby which were swinging their bills through the water. unfortunately, no photos - only seen in scope".  I hope to see another one later in the year that has breeding plumage since the male is really gorgeous and ornate.  Fingers crossed.

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