Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Councilwoman Nerd To You

I had an interesting conversation last night with my biggest blog fan - "HH" about secret societies like the FreeMasons and Shriners and that kind of stuff. Tim and Amy recently toured a Masonic Temple building hoping to get some inside scoop on the organization. They left with no more info that when they started. HH herself was (or still is but isn't saying so) a member of a secret society. She gave us zero information. Heck, you still don't even know her real name.

What does this have to do with birds?  Not much but it gave me a segue to talk about the club that I belong to - the DVOC. This is definitely not a secret society. The club has been in existence for over 100 years. There are about a dozen living people who have been members for over 70 years. I have been a member for 2 years. I really like the club and the meetings. I've learned a lot from the members and the programs. I never imagined that I would end up on the Council. Yet, here I am. The newest member of the DVOC Council. Here's how it happened:

My phone rang while I was in a meeting with a client. I answered because I thought it might be one of my techs needing help. It wasn't a tech. It was the President of the DVOC - Art McMorris. He said that he was calling to inquire whether I would be interested in joining the Council. He said that my name had "come up in conversation" and that some people thought I would be good for the position. I was flattered to say the least. Flattery soon waned after Art described the kind of person that he wanted to see on council - I'm paraphrasing here but not embellishing.
"The kind of person that we want on Council should NOT be an excellent birder. They should NOT be out birding all of the time. This person should NOT go along with the group."   
I don't know which one of these attributes to be more upset about!  Does the club really think I'm a lousy birder? Do they think that I never go birding? Or do they think that I'm just disagreeable?  We'll find out soon enough.  I'll keep you posted. Wait til they find out how much birding I did last year for the Stupid Contest. That'll show 'em.

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