Saturday, February 15, 2014

Officially Sick of This F$%&ING Snow

More snow in the forecast today. We had a foot on Thursday, another 3 inches predicted today and then another storm to come on Monday. This weather has put a damper on my quest to see a dozen Snowy Owls and has also wreaked havoc on photo opps.  I spent a few hours at Pennypack on the Delaware after work trying to see a Short-eared Owl. The owl didn't make an appearance but I did find a few birds to photograph.

I was met at the gate by this Merlin perched on his favorite light post.

I found these White-crowned Sparrows looking for food in the compost pile. There are very few open areas for these ground feeders this winter.

White-crowned Sparrows
 One of the sparrows hopped up into a weed and posed for me.

White-crowned Sparrow
This Bald Eagle cruised by at sunset heading back to his nest. This pair has been nesting here for a few years. You can see the nest from the parking lot which is nice.

Bald Eagle
Hopefully, I will be able to get out tomorrow.  Sigh. I'm ready for spring.


Anonymous said...

You could learn to ski and start enjoying the snow. A sunny attitude always makes life look brighter.


Linda said...

When have I ever had a sunny attitude?