Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm Not a Very Good Birder

I heard a Screech Owl trilling last Wed. I thought it must be in my neighbor’s yard based on the volume of the trill. I thought it was pretty cool.

I heard it again on Saturday at 6 PM. It was still light enough so I decided to try to track it down.  I followed the sound over the pine trees that separate my yard from my neighbor’s. I circled the pine trees to try to get a location of the bird. I stood under the trees to make sure that my ears weren't playing tricks on me. The trill emanated from directly overhead. I could not see the bird. I moved farther away once I realized that the bird was probably sitting on my head but still could not see it. Another trill started from the neighbor’s yard. Only then did I see the first owl as it flew out of the pine tree and toward the other triller.  Curses. I suck. 

The trilling returned to my yard later that evening but I was too embarrassed to try again. He was back on Sunday too – mocking me I think.  
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