Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Its Like Vermont All Over Again

You may remember a story about a trip that I took to find a Northern Hawk Owl in Vermont last year. Here is a link to that post - Vermont Hawk Owl .  If you don't have time to re-read it or forget the story, here is the Reader's Digest edition:

A Hawk Owl (the baddest looking owl of all) spent the winter in Vermont. A few of us got together and drove up to see it. The owl flew into a farmer's field. We asked the farmer if we could trudge through the snowy icy field. The farmer invited us into the house for tea and cupcakes. We had a great time.

Fast forward to today. A few of the same people drove to Wisconsin on our way to Minnesota. We stopped to try to see a bird. We serendipitously met a couple who invited us to their farm house to look at their bird feeders.  Bob and Marge (pronounced Margie) were wonderful hosts. We had a great time. A parallel situation except that we didn't get the bird. We did get to see an awesome jukebox that they had right in their living room. I played J9 (Love Potion Number 9). 

Here is the gang posing with Marge and the juke boxf.

The gang
We did get to see a really cool hawk - Rough-legged Hawk hunting in Bob and Marge's field.

Rough-legged Hawk
Tomorrow, we are headed out to find Greater Prairie Chicken and then driving to Duluth to meet up with a group for a weekend tour to find other owls. More later. 

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