Sunday, September 13, 2015

Update on Buffy

So, I post my photos to this blog and also post to Flickr where I have a Photostream. I post more photos to Flickr than I can post here. You can see the Photostream by clicking this link:

I get a few "hits" on Flickr and a lot of my birding friends check out the photos. I check out their photos too. My friend Harvey also has a lot of great photos on Flickr. He is a "Pro" there so he has alot of people following his Photostream. Here is his link:

We both posted shots of Buffy on Friday. Yesterday, the photo of Buffy with the morsel of food had 32 hits and 3 "Faves" - meaning that 3 people added the photo to their Favorite page in Flickr. Today, Harvey texted me and told me to check out my Flickr page. We were both invited to a group called "Explorer" because of our Buffy photos.

As of now, 4500+ people have viewed the photo and 117 people have marked it as a favorite. Holy shit. Of course, Harvey has more views and faves on his photo because more people know him. Not tooting my own horn here, but seriously, holy shit. That's the power of the Internet for ya. All of this over a little bird that landed on the beach in the Villas.

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