Saturday, October 17, 2015

Close Encounters

Birding hasn't been phenomenal lately but the migrating birds are finally showing up in dribs and drabs. The good news is that the birds that are coming through are allowing close approach - even when Peanut is with me. A few photos from the past week starting with the new local dog walking spot. This place is great because it is filled with weeds like goldenrod. I caught 2 different species picking through the weeds for bugs last week. I showed you Yellow-rumped Warbler in the last post. Here is Palm Warbler in almost the same place.

Palm Warbler
Here is Swamp Sparrow looking at me from the bushes.

I did manage to get down to Cape May yesterday. The bad new is that I totally missed the really "good" day which was Thursday, AND I missed a few rare birds too. The good news is that I had close encounters with a few warblers by the lighthouse. This Black-throated Green Warbler flitted around in the cedar trees and even dropped onto the grass for a minute.

Black-throated Green Warbler
Ruby-crowned Kinglets are literally everywhere this week. If I counted every one that I saw this week, I would be in the hundreds.They are usually in perpetual motion which makes photos difficult. Here is one that actually sat still for a minute.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
A Pine Warbler really put on a show staying very close to the path and picking bugs out of the cedar trees.

Pine Warbler
 Pine Warbler gets a bug!
Pine Warbler with bug
It was a pretty picture with the late day lighting, all of the berries on the cedar and the nice dark background. Of course, the bug didn't think so. Zoom in if you want to see the bug in detail.

Pine Warbler with bug

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