Thursday, January 4, 2018

Circle of Life in the Snow Storm

Warning: this blog post shows animals acting like, well, animals. Since I have been working at home I have seen our neighborhood foxes often. Mostly in winter and spring and almost always when it snows. Today was no exception. We experienced another "snowicane" along the east coast today with snow and blowing wind. About 9:30, the fox wandered past the pond and around the back of the house. Connie was home today so I yelled for her to look out the kitchen window to see the fox. Poor Connie. She witnessed the fox grabbing a squirrel right by the neck.

The fox took the squirrel out back and had lunch. Watch if you want to. Don't watch if it upsets you. I thought it was interesting that the fox uses the snow as a napkin.

I don't usually post things like this but I have to tell you that after this, no squirrels were eating the birdseed. Only birds. It is soooo cold here that the birds really need to seed. (And the fox really needs the squirrel) Don't worry, the next post has pretty birds and fun stuff. Promise.

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