Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer at the Shore

Summer at the shore means "fall migration". Lots of birds are on the move heading south and stopping by our beach on the way. Here are a few recent shots. First is one of our local Bald Eagles. This family likes to sit on the mud flats at low tide.

Bald Eagle
He or she eventually flew off.

Bald Eagle
Another interesting raptor came swooping along the beach. This time, a Peregrine Falcon trying to grab a Sanderling for lunch. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a shot of the raptor actually dive bombing the peeps.

Peregrine Falcon
He or she was pissed after missing the meal. You can see that this bird has a black and green band on the leg. I'm trying to find out information about where it is from.

Speaking of pissed off, I watched this neighbor try to start the outboard engine on his boat 2 weeks in a row with no success.

I would have given up and sunk the boat but he took it all with a smile and hauled the boat back to shore.

These Ruddy Turnstones were not impressed by his efforts at all.

Ruddy Turnstones
Meanwhile out in the fields at Higbee beach we've been seeing quite a few of these Yellow-billed Cuckoos. They actually "cuk" and "coo" which is how they got their name.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
This female Cooper's Hawk tried for a meal too. She chased a flock of blackbirds several times before taking a break. She looks pissed too.

Cooper's Hawk

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