Sunday, May 26, 2019

Let's Call it Philly Reptile Nerd for Today

I haven't put as much effort into birding this spring as in previous years. A mix of weather, home projects and family obligations have made it a bit difficult to get out there for photos and stories. When I have been out, the birds are not quite posing either. Thankfully, the reptiles are giving me something to photograph. Here are a few starting with a baby Box Turtle crossing the path:

Baby Box Turtle
 And this Fowler's Toad sitting in the sand path in Cape May.

Fowler's Toad
Drew and I found this American Toad down in Massanutten Virginia.

American Toad
And (Warning - adult content below) these Fence Lizards making more little lizards at the summit of Kaylor's Knob in Virginia.

Fence Lizards Gettin' Jiggy

Another lizard posed for me too. This is a Five-lined Skink. I love his orange head. Some of them also have a blue tail. 

Good thing these creatures are content to sit still! Hoping to find some birds to photograph soon! 

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