Monday, January 10, 2011

Land of Misfit Birds

My yard has become the land of misfit birds lately. No photos as not to make fun of the disabled - which I understand is frowned upon by the ADA and other authorities. . .

"Ilene" - the female Cardinal seems to be getting along quite fine albeit with only one foot. She doesn't appear to have been attacked, but she only has one foot. She uses her (gulp) stump, tail and other let to balance herself while hopping around at the feeders.

"Dead Dove Walking" is another story entirely. This poor Mourning Dove is not going to survive. It was mangled by a predator - possibly the fox that has been seen in the yard lately, or the Sharpie that is eating well this winter. The poor dove is really mangled with drooping wing, missing feathers, and disabled leg. Surprisingly still good at flying. I don't think he/she will make it much longer though.

"Missing" posters have been handed out by the Juncos this week. They can't find one of their clan. The Sharpie knows exactly what happened to it . . .

Circle of life as witnessed through my kitchen window. The kitchen window is the real reason for non photos. I cannot take a clear photo through the olde time glass panes. Hopefully, the new window -which is ordered - will allow photos of the action.

As you can tell, I haven't been out this week. Work and snow. With more snow predicted tomorrow, it looks like I won't get out until the weekend.

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