Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Duldrums

We are pretty much caught up with house chores that need immediate attention, so we went out in search of Davie's Lake (again)to do some birding at Cape May Point. Birding was a bust and we had another bust for finding Davie's Lake due to high tide, but we had an amazing experience on the beach anyway. Remember all of the recent posts about Horseshoe Crab spawning season? Well, guess what is hatching all along the bayshore - tiny Horseshoe Crabs! We got this amazing video of the eggs and the hatchlings. Enjoy.

Eggs and crabs hatching:

Hatchling in Barbara's hand

Signs of fall migration are already evident for shorebirds. eBird reports White-rumped Sandpipers and I had a Dowitcher flyby on the Villas beach on Saturday.

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Amy said...

Holy smokes, those are tiny! Neat post, thanks for sharing.