Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sally's Barn Swallows

Connie and I went to Aunt Sally's annual picnic on Sunday. Sally has a little farm where she keeps an old Horse (Emily) and an old Mule (Daisy). The pasture has a spring-fed pond where Connie saw her first Pterodactyl (Great Blue Heron) when she was a kid and still has great birds throughout the year.

This year, the neighbors across the road have Guinea Hens which make quite a racket. We also got to watch Cowbirds doing almost what they are supposed to do which is follow cows around the open plains. These birds were actually following the horse and mule around the pasture Linkpicking up insects that were scared up by the grazing. Pretty neat.

There are also Barn Swallows nesting in, well the barn. And although the pasture isn't that close to the nests, the swallows did not like Roxy milling around. Here is a video of the Barn Swallow swooping on Roxy. This continued for the entire time that Roxy was in the pasture more than an arms length away from me. Watch Roxy flinch when the swallow gets too close!

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