Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iDiot with an iPhone

That is what I am. (Notice the clever way that I used the lower-case "i" in iDiot) I replaced my Droid with an iPhone last week due to the fact that the Droid wouldn't hold a battery charge anymore. Especially after I dumped a whole cup of tea on it during the World Series of Birding. The iPhone has all kind of capabilities and apps that you can download including the entire Sibley Guide (east and west) with sound, Scrabble, oh and a camera.

The camera is why I am an iDiot. This weekend was full of baby showers but Connie and I headed to the Villas anyway to check on the garden and try to relax. We both got up early and took the dog onto the beach for a quick walk. We arrived to a beach full of Laughing Gulls and Horseshoe crabs. There were probably 2,000 gulls on the beach gulping up the crab eggs and probably hundreds of crabs still doing "the nasty". About 100 crabs were upside down on the sand so Connie and I started flipping them over and/or carrying them back to the water's edge. This went on for a few blocks until I noticed a Laughing Gull flailing around in the mud. The poor guy couldn't get out of the muck so I went ankle deep in the slimy mud and picked him up. He was exhausted and couldn't put up much of a fight.

I carried the gull over to Biggie's because I knew she have a cardboard box to put the gull in so that we could keep him calm until we found out where to take him. We called CMBO for info on local bird rehabilitators. They suggested some guy named Steve who never called me back. I decided take the bird to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark Delaware on my way to Lauren's baby shower. On my way? Kind of.

Anyway, notice the lack of photos on this post? No photos in spite of the fact that I spent 5 hours with that gull either in my hands, on our porch, or in the passenger seat of the Subaru within inches of my new iPhone 4 with built-in camera. I am truly an iDiot.

I just checked with Tri-State about the bird. He is still there. Still alive. I told them that I would drive him back to the Villas if he can be released. Stay tuned.

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