Monday, June 20, 2011

Down on the Farm (no Bob Evans needed)

In case you were wondering what my secret motivation for buying the houses at the shore was, I'll let you in on it. But don't tell anyone else. My secret motivation is - Jersey tomatoes (or any homegrown tomato for that matter). Growing up in Philly, we always had a really good garden that produced alot of tomatoes. Then, I moved to the suburbs which was my chance to expand the growing opportunities and produce more produce (pun intended). Well, that turned out to be a big bust. Rydal is a really nice place to live if you like big trees and shade which I do. Tomatoes, not so much.

After 11 years of stunted vegetable plants and red tomatoes in September, I transported the whole 12' x 12' raised bed, enclosed garden to the Villas. I also set up a timed sprinkler system to keep everything watered during the week. Guess what? Paydirt! We already picked 3 peppers, have a ripening tomato, 2 eggplants that should be ready to eat this weekend, and a baby watermelon. Location, location, location. And manure-infused sandy soil. Of course, this puts the price of each tomato up in the $14,000 range, but should be well worth the price!

Tomato and Eggplant plants, also the watering system

First Jersey Tomato of the season - or my life for that matter

Baby watermelon

Aside from gardening and working on getting the green house livable, Barbara and I were determined to find "Davies Lake" which is supposed to be located on the south end of Higbee's Beach behind the dunes. We also wanted to track down the Purple Gallinule that has been seen at Cape May Point State Park. We got the Gallinule, but busted again on finding the lake. We were foiled by high tide which makes it impossible to cross the creek unless you want to go waist deep in water. We were not dressed appropriately.

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