Monday, June 27, 2011

Take a Kid Birding

That is a saying from bumper stickers all around Cape May. Obviously a ploy to entice young people to become members of the Audubon and other aging birding clubs. It's a strategy that political parties and religious groups have employed for centuries - get the young people involved so we can continue this "club".

Well, Barbara and I did our part on Sunday morning. We took my nephew Brendan (you may remember him from other posts at Hawk Mountain and Tinicum) to Cape May Point State Park to try for the Purple Gallinule again. Brendan made a comment that he had been to CMPSP last fall and didn't see anything. Well, that's a challenge if I ever heard one! Needless to say, he got 3 life birds with Aunt Linda and Barbara - Glossy Ibis, Surf Scoter, and Least Tern. He probably got more than that since we recorded 39 species in an hour but never did see the Gallinule.

I think he's sufficiently hooked on birding. Now, I want my toaster oven or whatever I'm supposed to get as a prize for inducting another birder into the club.

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