Friday, June 24, 2011

Kestrals at Warminster Community Park

Barbara the owl lady sent an email about Kestrals nesting at Warminster Community Park. Here is a link to photos of the babies inside the nest sent by Russell Neiger, a local:

MSN Photos - Kestral Babies

Lori, Tara and I went over to the park on Wed after work. I saw Momma Kestral sitting on top of the box when I arrived. She took off being chased by Red-winged Blackbirds and didn't return for awhile. Both Kestrals returned to the area and we had good views of them hover-hunting for insects in the grass.

If you haven't been to Warminster Community Park, you should take a quick trip up some evening. It used to be Johnsville Airbase and Naval Air Station, so the entire park is basically the old air strip with open fields, scrubby bushes, and woods along the perimeter. Good birds here include the Kestral as mentioned above, Brown Thrasher, Yellow Warblers, variety of Sparrows and supposedly Meadowlarks - although Lori and I haven't seen one yet.

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