Sunday, September 18, 2011

Olive-sided Flycatcher - # 644

I got life bird # 644 today thanks to sticking it out on an unfavorable day and sticking with generous, friendly birders.  We have been birding alot in Cape May this year since we bought the houses in the Villas.  We have been seeing the same birders out all summer too.  We have been running into a friendly and generous (birdingly generous, that is) couple almost every outing.  He is French with great French accent.  She has a distinctive Philly accent (trust me, I know about those).  Both of them always engage us in conversation and also go out of their way to point out birds.

Today, they pointed out #644 - Olive-sided Flycatcher - to me and Diane after most other birders were gone to other locations.  Photographic conditions were terrible again with overcast skies but here is a pretty good photo of the flycatcher. Nothing sexy, but it does show the diagnostic "vest".

Here is another photo showing the Olive-sided and a Pewee in the same tree.  Unbelievable luck that the Pewee showed up because the Pewee is the flycatcher that is most mistaken for the Olive-sided.

OK, now that you are thoroughly bored, how about some eye candy.  Male Yellow warbler. Us bird nerds nicknamed this bird "Ray" because they are always like a ray of sunshine when you see them.  I finally got a decent photo of one today after years of trying.  Once again, this is the result of very a couple of very nice birders.  This time, it was a couple of older gentlemen from Rhode Island.  And this time it was me and Diane that were being "generous" by pointing out the Palm warblers and the 3 Yellow warblers along the dune path at the State Park.


Diane Widdop said...

Great shot of the Yellow! Those Rhode Island guys were nice and so appreciative of being directed to the Palm Warblers along the path.

mick said...

Great to see another life bird. I find it hard to imagine so many people and so many birders all in the same place! Let alone text messages on your phone! Ah well, the world's a big place :-)

Evelyn said...

Just started going through some of your older posts.

Very impressive. Will check back with comments as I progress.