Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Florida Follow Up

I am really amazed with the new camera.  We went up to The Villages to see my Mom on Sunday and got some REALLY good photos of ducks floating around on the golf course ponds.  Here is a great shot of a Canvasback duck stretching his leg with a coot and another sleeping duck

Here is the same shot cropped a little bit so that you can see that the coot is in mid-quack:

And cropped again so that you can see the details of the Canvasback's webbed foot and his red eye:

My point here is that the new camera captures so many pixels that I can crop this photo this much and the resolution is still this good.  Click on the photo to see it enlarged.  The resolution is still really good.

Here are some other shots of ducks that came out pretty good too.

This is a male Ring-necked Duck. They should really be called Ring-billed if you ask me.  Here is the female:

And finally, a portrait of a coot:

After not having many posts last month, I have tons of fodder from this trip to post a few more in the coming days.  Stay tuned. . .

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NatureFootstep said...

Never heard of that duck, but your camera seems good. :)