Thursday, May 2, 2013

Holding Pattern

I am struggling to find something new to tell you since my last post but migration has been eerily quiet.  I've been to several birding "hotspots" over the past week and have not seen many new birds arriving from the south.  Warblers, vireos, thrushes and flycatchers should be dribbling in and gaining in numbers, shorebirds should be arriving daily by now.  It's May for pete sake. We are having gorgeously beautiful days with bright blue skies and light winds - but no birds. All of the other birders that post on email and blogs are complaining of the same thing so at least I know that I'm not just missing them somehow.

Here are 2 photos to hold you over until they start showing up. 

Barn Swallow

Orchard Oriole
I hope they arrive next week while Connie and I are at the shore all week.

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Bob Ferguson II said...

What's your count for the year, Linda?