Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Philly Bird Nerd

Today marks 5 years since the very first Philly Bird Nerd post - which was titled "Bird Nerd Overview". I had no idea what I was doing but I thought it would be fun to use the blog as a way to keep a journal of our birding expeditions.  It worked!  I find myself going back through the posts for a good laugh now and then.  Here are some of my favorites.  Please post a comment to let me know which posts are your favorites.

Alot has happened in those 5 years - pets and loved ones passed, new friends made, lots of laughs and tons of new birds added to the life list.

P.S. - if you are reading this through an email, you may need to open the blog from an Internet browser in order to get the links to work properly.

Jill's Big Mistake - Dec 2008 - asking me for a favor ends in birdwatching

Grumpy Old Men - Nov 2009 - our encounter with a Burrowing Owl in Florida

Duck + Hawk + Gull = 3 Life Birds - Dec 2009 - the mega rare Ivory Gull and marathon day

Santa Please Bring Us Some Style - Dec 2010 - call the fashion police

Biggest Nerd Alive - Dec 2011 - you be the judge

Now, About that Booby - Aug 2011 - Brown Booby in Cape May

Will She Shut Up Already - Oct 2012 - quest for the Connecticut warbler

My Lowest Point Yet - July 2012 - the dreaded hike

Big Year Coming Up - Jan 2013 - the "stupid-fucking-contest" begins

5 Owls, Cops and Update - March 2013 - intriguing title

Thanks for reading the posts. I hope you enjoy some of them.  Let me know if you want to go birding sometime.  You know where to find me - I'll be doing something like this:

Linda and Long-billed Curlew at Malibu beach
Golden Plover
Barbara and Linda - first pelagic

Windy Birding


Diane Widdop said...

Happy Anniversary, PBN! It's been a lot of fun to read these posts over the years, and the photos are just incredible. I enjoy contributing a post here and there, and also seeing the "people" photos that I've taken make it to the big(ger) screen.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been aware of your blog from the beginning. Diane was right about the photos and your excellent writing. I hope to be with you for the next five tears. Truly a joy to read.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant years, not tears. HH