Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl or Superb Owl?

Di showed me this funny article on the Internet that showed the word Super Bowl as Superb Owl. The article showed a Snowy Owl since there is no such thing as an owl called Suberb Owl but it was pretty funny play on words

That was quite the coincidence since I started the day at Stone Harbor Point trying to relocate a rare Smith's Longspur that my friend Harvey found while the Nerds were in Florida. There were already 25 people looking for the longspur at 8 AM.. They were tromping all over the dunes and spooking the Snowy Owl and never did find the Longspur. Good grief. The owl kept flying over the dunes onto the beach and back again. I happened to be standing in a good place to see the owl every time he was disturbed. Here he is flying over the pond.  This is probably the best photo that I have of a Snowy Owl in flight.

Snowy Owl - Stone Harbor Point
Remember, you can click on the photos to see larger views. Here he is landing on the dunes. He blends in well with the sand and pebbles.

Landing on the dunes
Here he is on the dune fence on the beach.  Check out those yellow eyes and the feathered feet! He was really looking around the whole time.

Snowy Owl - Stone Harbor Point
It is snowing again today. I hope the owl finds some peace during the week.

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Anonymous said...

doctor epoksfoWhat is the life span of a Snowy Owl? The first photo really shows how beautiful he is. Is the female as glorious? HH