Sunday, July 26, 2015

Damn You Harvey!

Summer is typically a slow time of year for birding. It also happens to be when my birthday falls. Both of those things have lead me to fall into a trap set by my friend Harvey. He didn't intend on setting the trap but he set it anyway. Now I'm "bugging" with him. What's bugging? Bugging is going out "birding" but looking at bugs instead. I'm snapping photos of dragonflies like this one that perched with the Cape May lighthouse in the background.

Here is the same dragonfly closer. You can still see the beige lighthouse. Mean looking sucker huh?

This one is so skinny and clear that I have probably walked past a million of them without noticing.

I don't know the names of any of them. I shot this photo on Saturday at Higbee. The place was lousy with dragonflies. This is a really good photo if I do say so myself. Great lighting, blurred background, and mostly in focus. You can see the little hairs on the head and body.

And then there are other bugs like this really shiny beetle.

And this moth that flies like a hummingbird. We call it a Hummingbird Moth but I'm sure it has another name.

All of that is fine but the real attraction is butterflies. Harvey knows all about them and even bought me a butterfly field guide for my birthday. Ugh. Finding names for butterflies is harder than birding.

This one landed on Barbara's hat at Hyner Run. It was licking the moisture off of it.

And then there are the little ones. Harvey helped me name them all.

Frosted Elfin

Banded Hairstreak
Silver-spotted Skipper

Spring Azure
Anyway, now I'm trudging around looking at bugs and butterflies with Harvey. He's a real friend. He even has Connie out with her camera snapping photos of butterflies!

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Anonymous said...

Love the butterflies, the bugs...not so much. Glad you got out of the house and got some fresh air for a change. AND, I
don't like everyone. I'm very selective, so consider yourself one of the few lucky ones. Please let me know the date of your
birthday. Hope it is/was a great one! HH