Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Back on Land Sort Of

We went to Alligator River NWR near our hotel in North Carolina before the long drive home. Much to our surprise, the place was lousy with Prothonotary Warblers. And other critters too. Like this huge butterfly.

Giant Swallowtail
The whole park is a giant swampy, wet mess with roads running through it which is the reason that the Prothonotaries love the place. Turtles love it too. I don't know what species this is but he crossed the road pretty fast for a turtle.

This is Spotted Turtle - for obvious reasons. 

Spotted Turtle
This poor gal just wanted to lay her eggs next to the road but she couldn't get any privacy. Snapping Turtles are scary but she put up with the paparazzi with style.

Snapping Turtle
Speaking of scary, Marty and I saw this snake on the side of the road. Marty noticed that it had vertical pupils. 

Water Moccasin
We met up with the other guys in our group and showed them the photo. Um, that's a Water Moccasin. Um, venomous. Um, glad I didn't know that when I was laying on the ground to take this shot. 
Water Moccasin
Marty and I came upon this bear. I drove closer while Marty hung out the car window to take a photo because we thought the bear would disappear into the swamp but this bear wouldn't leave the road even when we drove closer. But when he was ready to leave, man did he move fast! Not sure my Fiat could have out run him if he came our way. 

Black Bear

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