Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Great Find in Pennypack

I've been taking Peanut to Pennypack park in the mornings lately. We've been running into the Director of the Environmental Center, Pete almost every morning. He's been birding before work too. Each day, we exchange sightings and sometimes walk together for a short stretch. We found some nice warblers including those that I posted about last week. On Friday, he was all smiles. He found a  Barred Owl along the stream. That is a rare bird for Philadelphia. I hustled to the spot but only found owl poop. No owl.

On Monday, the Barred Owl was sitting along the stream again. I took a few photos and left him alone. On Tuesday, I saw the Owl again and tried not to disturb him but he was disturbed anyway. Owls are harassed by other birds in the woods when they are spotted. The birds want the Owl out of there territory so that they feel safer. This Blue Jay was absolutely on a mission to get the Owl to move on. The Jay would sit close and squawk.

Barred Owl and Blue Jay
The Jay moved all around the Owl but mainly sat on the branch above the Owl's head.

Barred Owl and Tormenter
The Owl didn't move, so the Jay took it up a notch. He swooped down . . .

And whacked that Owl in the head!
The Owl took the abuse and just ducked.
bob and weave
I think this is the Owl's tactic. Just sit still and take the abuse and let the attacker get tired or bored or both and leave. That is exactly what the Jay did. He left. I took one more photo.

Barred Owl
And the Owl was finally left undisturbed.