Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spending Time with Owls in Florida

Connie's sister now lives in Cape Coral. This is an interesting area with many vacant lots. Vacant lots that are occasionally mowed and perfect for Burrowing Owls. The owls have babies in March and April. We spent time with these adolescents. They would all sit together and scream for Mom.

A bird flew overhead and they all looked up. 

I don't think that all the babies at this burrow were siblings. I think they may be neighbors that hang out together until Mom or Dad shows up. Here is one Mom preening her kid. He or she seems to like it.

The kids occasionally try out their wings.

One of them flew across the street and went into a burrow. One of the remaining kids went into their burrow too. How would you like getting sand kicked up in your face?

This kid hopped up on the wooden post and gave my car the evil eye.

Fun times with owls for sure.