Sunday, October 20, 2019

Shaking His Tail Feathers

Lori and I are in Puerto Rico on a fast and furious birding trip before I have to go to a conference in San Jan. We are down in the south west corner of the island looking for endemic species and having pretty good luck. I'll tell you about that later. For now, I thought you might be interested to see this Pin-tailed Whydah's courtship woes. Male Pin-tailed Whydah are really cool looking birds. They are only sparrow sized bird but they have incredibly long tail that cannot be overlooked. The birds never let us get close but I did manage to capture this series of photos that show how hard this dude works to impress his gal. She's sitting on the bare branch and he's working his ass off in flight literally shaking his tail feathers.

 He finally goes in for the smooch . . .
 But she is NOT interested
 There she goes.

Better luck next time dude.

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