Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Birds - Up Close

I think that's the best thing about Florida - Big Birds, Up Close.  Pretty easy to photograph if, and I mean IF, you aren't in a boat rocking back and forth.  Here are some shots that we got today at Alligator Creek Preserve:

 Black Vulture

 Red-shouldered Hawk - I think this is a pretty good photo

Broad-winged Hawk - check out his leg coming out of his belly.  He dove down and got a frog but those photos didn't come out.

Here are some from the boat in Charlotte Bay this afternoon:

 It seemed like there was an Osprey on every channel marker (especially the red ones)

Double-crested Cormorant - we like his green/blue eye
Royal Tern shuffling his feathers


Kelly said...

...I love those Florida birds too! The Red-shouldered Hawk photo is cool. I enlarged it to see the detail, and I love the look in his eyes and the posture you captured.

Linda said...

Thanks for the comment. Lucky shot to get that pose, for sure.

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