Sunday, March 1, 2009

Diane's first post - New species identified at Tinicum

This is my first post to this blog and I'll do you all a favor and keep it short. This is a quick report on an outing with Linda, Connie, Lori, Tara, Barbara and me (and Sam and Cocoa) on this chilly, windy first of March. Suffice it say that we saw some good stuff this morning whilst at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, including - yes, I'll be the first to report, a bald eagle (immature).

The real find this morning was of a new spec
ies entirely. It was that of the "nutjob", or in the derivative looney-tus birdnerdus. We see this species mostly in winter. There were several different varieties and I have posted photos of all of them here. These are life-listers, for sure:
Grey-hooded Nutjob
(aka Nerdganser)
Rough-legged Nutjob
Red-hooded Nutjob

Lesser-striped Nutjob
Belted Nutjob

Buff-legged Nutjob

Linda will likely post more about our outing today, as we did see some good ducks.

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