Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cape May - 59 Degrees and Sunny!

2 more life birds for me today in Cape May.  The first was Eurasian Wigeon. 2 males have been seen for weeks at the Light House pond.  There were more than 50 American Wigeon on the pond with their white foreheads and green heads.  Then there were the two with buffy foreheads against red/maroon heads.  We probably would never have seen them unless I read about them on CMBO's blog and eBird for weeks.  We really concentrated and picked through the others to see them.

The second life bird was Great Cormorant (coooomarant, as we say) at Poverty Beach.  Again, we saw these birds perched on pilings and diving for fish specifically due to the blogs and eBird alerts.  Wow, these birds are huge.  63" wing span (that's as tall as me). The Cormorants were swimming along side Red-throated and Common Loons and Black Scoters.  There was a King Eider reported but we didn't see it.  We would have needed more time or a good scope.

Other highlights include 2 Bald Eagles, a Northern Harrier, 3 Red-tailed Hawks, and close up looks at Red-breasted Merganser and Bufflehead. Of course, no camera with me today.  Oy.

Other birds that we missed which have been reported in Cape May lately are Black-headed Gull and Redhead Ducks. 

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