Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weather Fit for a Duck

I thought Hurricanes and Monsoons were summer weather events.  If yesterday's weather wasn't a hurricane, then what was it?  A Nor'easter?  I guess so.  That didn't stop the bird nerds from going to check out ducks at Lake Galena (Peace Valley Park).  What a couple of idiots.  I packed the spotting scope, binoculars, camera, and iTouch into Lori's Shmellow (big Ford Expedition) and off we went.

It was already raining all day.  By the time we got to the lake it was literally coming down sideways.  There were 3 foot swells and whitecaps on the lake that made finding any ducks nearly impossible.  We parked down by the dam which is where the ducks and gulls like to congregate.  We did manage to see the 100+ Common Mergansers floating around but none of the other ducks reported on eBird.  We headed up to the top of the lake to see if some other ducks were taking shelter up there.  I even made Lori get out of the car and wade through ankle-deep water to get out to the bridge for a better view.  Nothing but Tree Swallows. Nothing.

We got back into the car and headed to Core Creek Park.  The weather got worse. We still didn't see anything.  By the time we headed home roads were flooded, trees were down and the local police were closing roads.  I had 3 detours and no good ducks. 

I guess the point of the story is that we could have stayed home but then we wouldn't have the experience.

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