Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things to See If You Can Get to the Shore

Following up on my last post.  I realize that I didn't give you a good account of the birding that happened on Sunday while we were scope shopping.  I did mention the King Eider but you may not understand how cool it is to see one of those birds floating next to the concrete ship in Cape May.  King Eiders are commonly found in the arctic, not New Jersey. Check out this link to learn more about the bird, see the map, and see some photos.  It was a life bird for all of us.  Granted, the bird seen this weekend was not the male in full breeding plumage, but we could definitely tell that it was a King Eider.

That wasn't the only life bird seen on Sunday.  We also saw 3 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks on the pond at the Lighthouse.  Once again, these ducks are way out of their normal range in New Jersey and cool to look at.  Here is the link to learn more about BBWDs.  They are most commonly seen in South Texas, Central and South America.  I have seen BBWDs in Arizona and Central America but it was a first for Di and Barbara.

More to come over the weekend.

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