Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Answer My Friend

Was blowin' in the wind today.  Boy, was it windy at the shore.  Di and I almost got blown off of Higbee beach.  It was blowing in from the bay and pushed the water so high that there wasn't any beach to walk on.  I dragged Di down the shore in hopes of seeing a Redhead (which is a duck, not a woman with red hair). We didn't see the duck but we did see some other good birds.

We did have a sparrow smorgasbord in the field.  I took alot of photos of sparrows for identification purposes. And, I am still unsure of this one ( I think Swamp Sparrow).

We also saw a good number of hawks.  Sharp-shinned hawks were everywhere along with Red-shouldered and Red-tailed.  We even saw a Red-tailed Hawk that was getting banded at the hawk watch platform.  Here is the bander holding the hawk.  It was soon released but I couldn't get a good shot of it.

I also got these shots of Norther Shovelers. Male:
 Typical Pose with butts in the air:
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