Monday, November 1, 2010

Those Damned Jones

You know the feeling.  You've experienced this a number of times in your life - both personally and professionally:  You do something that makes you feel good - like buying a new Subaru, or having a good birding day - only to have someone else buy something better - like buying a BMW, or having an unprecedented birding day.

Take this weekend for example.  On Saturday, Connie and I had to buy a new Subaru. Our Forrester was just giving up the ghost.  After a long day at the dealer, we chose an Outback over the Forrester and chose Azurite Blue Pearl with Warm Ivory interior.  Pretty car and nice to drive.  Exhausted from the experience, we went home and collapsed.  Lori and I had plans to go to Lake Galena on Sunday morning, so I needed the sleep and never checked the Internet birding reports. . .

Of course we drove the new Outback to the Lake.  Tara joined us for a nice surprise and so did Roxy.  We can take Roxy with us on some trails, but not on others so we leave her in the car (don't call the Humane Society, it was 50 degrees and overcast).  We had a pretty good day and got a Purple Finch, Hermit Thrush, Kinglets, Juncos, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Flickers and various Sparrows.  I even got this good photo of the Purple Finch:

Now for the deflated feeling.  Although I didn't speak to anyone who bought a BMW or got a better deal on their Outback, Roxy did manage to get into Lori's PBJ sandwiches and proceed to eat them, drop the PB and Jelly on the Warm Ivory passenger seat of the new car, step in it and parade all over the backseat too.  We were horrified upon our return to the vehicle.  (Humane Society folks are now mumbling something about divine intervention).  Once we got home and cleaned up that mess, I settled onto the sofa to log our sightings in eBird and check the birding reports.  What a mistake.  You have to read this to believe what we missed by not going to Cape May this weekend.  Please read it View from the Cape and tell remind me that we got Purple Finch and a new car . . . .

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