Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gators! With Video

The new camera shoots high definition video as well as photographs.  Here are a few that I shot in Florida.

The first one show all of the alligators basking at the end of the boardwalk trail in the Everglades National Park.  Double click to start the video. 

I counted over 30 gators in this group. That didn't include the dozen other gators that I had to walk past on the trail. Here are some photos of those:

Check out those teeth!
Here is a Momma with babies. They just laid around right off of the main path.

Close up of a few babies

 Momma and babies

These gators are so tame that they just lay around next to the path.  This next photo is the bottom of one of the gator's "paws".
Gator Paw

The next video shows an Anhinga that spent a good 20 minutes trying to swallow a fish that was too big for it.  Don't worry, the video is only a minute or so long but you should get the idea:

More later.  We are at The Villages now without too many birding opportunities.  Going to Fort Myers tomorrow afternoon, so we should have something then.

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