Sunday, March 18, 2012

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

You know how I wanted to see more owls this year?  Well, the girls and I certainly got our fill of owls yesterday at Corkscrew Swamp.  Barred Owls are resident birds at Corkscrew.  Connie and I have seen them a few times before.  They seem not to be bothered by the hundreds of visitors that walk the boardwalk every day.  Yesterday, they seemed even less concerned than normal.  Here are some photos to show you what I mean.  These are 3 separate individuals - each seen a few yards from the boardwalk.  Enjoy!

 Barred Owl Pair - Preening each other and nuzzling

Forming the shape of a heart.  Cute.

 One of the owls flew down to another perch and played peek-a-boo with my camera.

The other stayed up higher and preened her (or his) talons.

 This is Peek-A-Boo up close and personal.

 This is the owl that we saw sitting by himself on another part of the boardwalk. Also preening.
Here is a close up of Sweetheart.

It really was like shooting fish in a barrel.  Finding owls doesn't get easier than this.

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