Monday, August 27, 2012

Tyler State Park

I have lived near Tyler Park nearly all my life, it's all of 10 minutes away, but have never really birded there. There's never any ebird reports from there, and Linda and I always wondered why. Well, I am determined to bird there and report from there, number 1, because it is only 10 minutes away, and 2 because dogs are allowed anywhere in the park, unlike Peace Valley, where they are limited to the paved paths only.

So, with Everette and Tara in tow, I went Sunday am to see what I could find. Got there around 7am, was treated to Canada warbler, black and white, redstart, magnolia, red eyed vireo, white eyed vireo, and baltimore oriole, to name a few. We found a really pretty trail that is open to the tree line. Woodfield trail i think it was. Anyway, really good vegetation for warbling. Lots of viney things hanging off the trees. Also walked on some horse trails thru the woods and had a lot of wood thrush and a veery. Overall very pleased. So now we know. Tyler does have birds.

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