Friday, September 7, 2012

To Everything . . .


 Black Tern


 Royal Tern

 Gull-billed Tern

There is a season (for molting)

Common Tern (banded)
Tern, Tern,

Forster's Tern (left), Common Tern (right)

Couldn't help myself.  We had a great tern show this evening on the beach at the Cape May lighthouse.  Gull-billed tern is very uncommon on a beach anywhere. Black terns have been around Cape May for awhile but I have not seen them sitting on the beach close-up before today.  Common terns are not common during summer, but they out number the Forster's terns during Sept.

I hope you got the play on words.  By the way, the band that plays that song is called. . . Wait for it  . . .

The Byrds!


Anonymous said...

15 GlreachYes, I got it! You are one very funny woman.

Hearty Handshaker

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