Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3rd and Final Post from Sunday

Here you go. The final installment from Sunday's awesome day.  More ducks for your enjoyment. I ran across a combination of ducks at the Cox Hall Creek pond in late afternoon. The sunlight reflecting off of the brown grass gave the water a tan/bronze tone which gives these photos an interesting color hue.  The first photo show 2 types of Mergansers. The larger duck is a Common Merganser and the smaller ones are Hooded Mergansers.  This is the best photo of Common Merganser that I have.

Common Merganser (center), Hooded Mergansers

Male Hooded Merganser

Ruddy Duck
 Here are a few left over photos from Barnegat Lighthouse. These are Common Eider which are really big sea ducks.  I like the way they just glide over the waves.  The second photo shows a male flapping with a bunch of females surrounding him - like "hey, look at me!"

Raft of Common Eider

Common Eiders
That's all for now. I'm slammed at work, so you probably won't get another post until the weekend.
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