Sunday, February 3, 2013

Up North

I headed out solo yesterday with a plan to cover some northern PA territory.  I went to Hawk Mountain to try to see a Redpoll. Redpolls have been reported all over the area this year. The trouble is that they never stay put. They roam all over the place. The only report that I have seen that is consistent is Hawk Mountain so I decided to go.  The other bonus on this location is that I can sit inside and watch the feeders in warmth and comfort and the staff person kept me company and renewed my membership.  I had success within about 20 minutes.  What a cute little bird. Unfortunately, the photos are terrible because of trying to focus through the (not-so-clean) windows.  Look up Common Redpoll on the Google to see what they look like.

Once I saw a few Redpolls, I headed farther north to see the Harris's sparrow that has been hanging around a neighorhood for weeks. I got that bird too after about 20  minutes.  No photo of that either. The bird just would not come out from behind the grass so all I have are photos of grass. 

I was feeling good by now, so I decided to cross the river into Jersey to track down those damned geese again.  Suffice it to say that I didn't get the Pink Foot or Barnacle. I did get to see another Greater White-fronted goose which was nice but doesn't count.

Meanwhile, someone saw a Snowy Owl about 30 minutes north of where I saw the Harris's Sparrow . . . sigh.

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Poor Baby...Would you like a cup of hot cocoa and a sympathetic ear?