Tuesday, March 17, 2015


One of the best things about the Internet is the ability for people like me to be able to post information to this random blog and have others read it for a laugh or to learn something or just pass the time.  Couple the Internet with video cameras and you get a "Cam". Cams let you peer into the secret lives of animals via a web browser and pass the time watching and learning.  Here are a few cams that are hot right now.  The best is the Bald Eagle nest in Hanover PA. Before you click the link to start watching live video, check out these photos from a recent snow storm.  Here is Mom completely covered in snow.

Snowy Mom

Here she is shaking it off after the snow stopped.

Shaking off the snow
And here is the snow covered nest showing the eggs safe and sound.

Eggs are safe and sound
All photos were copied from the Internet and credited to whoever captured the images from the cam.

Here is the link to watch the live action. The eggs are still not hatched. WARNING - once you click the link, you may end up watching for hours skipping lunch and dinner. It sucks you in.

Another cam that is capturing everyone's attention is the Great Horned Owl nest in Savannah Georgia. The owls in the south are further along than our owls, so the babies are already hatched. Once again, I warn you that this will suck you in for the entire day watching the babies bob around the nest.

Anyway, it is something to enjoy while we wait for our beloved warblers to start their northward journey.  

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