Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Walk

Roxy and I went for a nice long walk this morning at Lorimer Park. We spotted our FOS (First Of Year) Eastern Phoebe. In fact, we saw 5 of them. Here is one that we watched catch a few bugs.

We also got to see 10 Wood Ducks. They are pretty tame and used to being fed bread at Pine Road. This makes it easy to get good photos of these gaudy but secretive ducks. And now for your viewing pleasure, I present - Wood Ducks:

She's So Fine . . . 
 She really is. Look closely. She has iridescent feathers, pretty blue tail feathers, a great white eye patch and that 'do.
Female Wood Duck
Of course, like most birds, it the male that has all of the flare. He is in competition with many other males to win her over. Here is he scratching himself. Not his best look but I am sure she doesn't mind.
Scratch that itch
Check him out. This is what really attracts her.

Male Wood Duck


Anonymous said...

Great shots. Love that duck! HH

Patty said...

Makes me wish I were a female wood duck!